A letter from GOD!!

To my creation,
I have made this life a struggle for everyone and the one who overcomes this and wins the race is my favorite child. I know you are too small to understand the reasons behind every small problem you are surrounded with, but sweetheart everything in life happens for a reason. You are my child and you are a brave fighter. I cannot see you losing this war due to small problems that came your way.
You saw your father suffering from alcoholism and getting frustrated from it, you started going in the same way. In fact you even added up the things by taking drugs. My child you forgot that everyone on this planet has a mission to come here. Your mission was to grow up and be a father or mother unlike your parents and make your children proud of you. You had to learn from your experience and not follow the same path. Think about that mother who raised you for 9 months with so much pain and what you are giving in return.
You are my child. All my children’s are blessed with special and divine gifts of patience, tolerance and intelligence. Do not envy or feel sad at anyone else’s gift as you also have one and you only need to enlighten it within yourself. World is too big and what one has become all cannot. Remember I have sent you with a special mission of spreading something. You might envy a doctor for his profession but my child your mission is different from his. Wickedness would lead to destruction and identifying your inner talent would show you a smiling path.
There are good forces and there are bad forces. The bad ones would act as a hurdle and obstacle between you and your goal. Alcohol and Drugs are these obstacles. You always dreamed of going to heaven after the death but why make the life a living hell?? You are my precious child and standing here on the stairs of heaven I am watching you. Your each wrong step is like a nail inserting in my body.
Alcohol and drugs are devils of your mind. They posses your mind and would not let you take a wise decision. I would always expect wiser outcomes from my children and if you would help yourself my helping hand would be on your head. I require an initiative from you. Mistakes do happen and I would forgive all your mistakes but GO!! And take an initiative.
Forgive and forget are the biggest qualities I have given to you but somehow it seems that you have forgotten this gift given by me and have straggled yourself in the circle of anger and this would lead towards your destruction.
LIFE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT GIVEN BY ME!! If you are my true child value this gift and make an effort to come on the right path. You are the apple of my eye and you would always be.

Your Loving Father


4 thoughts on “A letter from GOD!!

  1. Could it just be that if we were to shift the perspective of our “life struggles” to “learning experiences” that we could learn to live in the moment with much more positivity?



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