Shameless Laws!! – its their fate not their wish!

Whenever you hear the word prostitute the first thing that comes to your mind is “it’s a dirty business and we should be away from them”. I agree to the first part that yess!! Definitely it’s a dirty business but who made this business? This girls are not in to the business by their own choice but its their fate that dragged them in to the world of prostitution. Being a journalist by education I did my project on prostitution in the first year of my college. I learned some dirty facts about the system in our country from there. If a girl is turning in to a prostitute curse the system of this country. Larger population of money driven individuals have screwed up the entire culture of this country. The dirty fact is that virginity is sold in this country.
There was this girl whom I met during my project; the innocence in her eyes depicted the amount of pain she undergoes every time a man touches her. She was a small lively girl back in the history of time where she was unaware about this dirty future which would be obligated on her. Her virginity was sold to pay loans. Sexual experiences were forced on her against her will. Eventually she landed in to a brothel with her broken dreams.
I had a chat with her. Like every girl she had a dream to be married one day to man who would be her and no one else. She had these hallucinations of her marriage which had now turned in to depressing flashes of her life. These girls are all ruled by a pimp who forces them in to the business. They struggle to earn their living as whatever they earn during their prostitution is all handed over to the main leader and they all get a very low and minimum amount of their share.
Our country also follows “Devdasi” system which is a ritualized prostitution. Followed in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra this ritual takes away the freedom from all those little girls and tie them in with beads of bondage and untold slavery. This tradition is still prevalent in many parts of our country. The sad part is all the people sitting on the higher level are a part of this process. Infact it’s a trend that whenever a new girl enters the prostitution market it is the local police chief or that area leader who has the first chance to sleep with her. Most of these girls belong to Nepal and they are forced in to prostitution against their will. Womens and children’s are send to the countries belonging to Middle East from India and are tortured in to prostitution. There are all sexually abused and raped. Approximately there 100,000 women’s in Indian brothels, all are forced in to prostitution against their will. Si

ck women’s are given mood elevators by all unauthorized and illegal doctors. Most of these women due to the higher illiteracy rate suffer from deadly diseases like HIV/Aids. The shocking fact is that even the foreigners travel to India more often due to its relaxed laws against prostitution.
Meeting that girl I was filled with sadness, guilt overtook me as I am not able to do anything for these girls. There are many NGO’s working to rescue such girls but the higher ratio in not allowing them to reach all. A UN convention against prostitution has been signed by all the SAARC countries and India is a part of it. India consists of 10 million prostitutes and Bombay is a major hub.
A true case: 1997: Goa: a nine-year girl was found living with a Swiss national aged 54 year since 9 months. A police complaint was filed and the girl was rescued. Many such cases still continues. This is a shameless law!!


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