Rainbow worms!!!

This is a story of a girl who’s gone through many things and has many words which are speechless. Experiences have been best teacher since ages. You learn a lot from your experiences and things that have happened to you. The best learning part comes from friends. FRIENDS, this word has always been hazy and cloudy for me. For me they have been like seasons. Sometimes when it rains too much they are up with extra love and affection but many a times they behave like summer, suffocating me from inside. The worst are the selfish ones. They are very sweet to you; they behave as if you are their world. Everything revolves around you. But hold on…..look closely and you would realize that there was something that they wanted from you. When that something changes even they change for you. There are back with the same traits and frauds but with a different face.
I had this friend in my life whom I thought to be the best one. I was her world and she was mine. I consider her as a definition for friendship. It dint last long and one day I realized that with every pain attached in my life she was connected always. Then there was this one in school who hated me because I was bad at maths……hahahaha sounds funny na!!
Ok but like every coin has too side so has my friend list. I met this friend in college. It was a new college and probably my 1st day. it was raining heavily and I was running here and there searching for a shade. There was this classmate of mine who noticed me running and came to me offering help. That was a day and today it’s been 5 years to our friendship. A friendship which has no element of selfishness associated with it. Yes, he definitely makes me proud as he valued the word called F R I E N D S.
Those were the college days and now today when I am working I have friends who are some or other way related to work or some reference. There’s this friend of mine whom I helped a lot in every possible way but when it came to return…….ghossh!!! I got a shock of my life. There are some special ones….who can just boast about things (I can do this for you, I can do that for you, I am your best friend) but when the time comes they are the first ones to run. When I see them all together it reminds me of rainbow. Who’s so beautiful when all the colors are together but have you ever separate the colors and see them differently? Some would be your favorites and some you would just not want to see again.
But as you all know SOMEBODY UP THERE LOVES YOU…………..that somebody up there gave me a wonderful somebody down on the earth. This cute little (not actually) adorable boy just changed my life. I no longer see the rainbow but I enjoy this sunshine in my life.
What I learned from all this is, no matter how the person is…….forgive them……or else there would be no difference between you and that one. The cycle of karma is not going to leave anyone on this earth. Spread well and get good. To be good to someone you hate is the most difficult thing but you can try. At the same time, don’t be slaves. Support truth. If your heart says abandoning that friend is right DO IT!! This is completely a mixed bag of feeling but identify the right one.
Dedicated to my shiny and shady friends. However you all are………..i would never turn my back on you like you must have done once.


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