colors of the world.

The whole world has only one topic to talk about currently. Thats Anna Hazare, the 73 year old man who risked his life to fight against corruption. While government is trying its best to demotivate the people by arresting anna, whole of the country has shown its support in altogether a different way. Rallies and protests have become a part of every city’s evening. today was the second day that the rally took place in Ahmedabad.

Due to some reasons i could not attend yesterdays rally but i made it a point to attend todays one. I have a special reason to attend such rally’s and protest. A journalist by education, i had once dreamed to become a top-notch reporter of this country. Specialised in Crime Beat i wanted to work on the same. Somehow that dream remained a dream but whenever i get a chance i make it a point to be the part of all the activities giving my support to the youth and the people fighting for a particular cause for my country.

there was this thing i noticed while attending todays rally. There are people attending it due to different reasons and the main motive of the rally which should have been to become a support for the country remains with very few of them. I saw that some of them were forcefully brought to the rally and they made it a point to flee away from the place in approx 10 minutes from the start of it. I would like to request everyone not to force your friends to come for such causes and let only those participate who actually are looking forward to contribute towards a noble cause for their own country. Secondly some were there for attention. They were not interested in any protest statements but were making their moves according to the crowd and media attention. Some did not come for it. They had some other priorities in life which were more important than supporting the one who had put his own life on stake for the nation and last were the ones who were there just to show off. Clicking their own snaps and showing it to their friends, boasting about being a part of this Rally.

my question is “why did you come” ” what was your purpose” ? very few present there actually wanted to support that great man. Hats off to that uncle i met there who had come all the way from Amritsar on holidays and still was a part of this rally. In fact he was the leading this protest march and was requesting all the youth passing by to become a part of it.

Such are the colors of this life. Some are sweet, Some are dark, Some are shady and Rest are Rainbows 🙂


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