Inspired by the ONE I LOVE

Love is all about confessing your innermost feeling. Love is beautiful and it makes life worth living. When in love everything around seems just perfect. From my personal experience all I can say is “FALL IN LOVE”. Life comes once and you need to experience this nostalgic feeling of loving someone and missing that person the most.
I am in to a relationship since past 8 months and in these 8 months I learned few things regarding relationships which I would like to share it with you. When you truly love someone and you want your relation to be on cloud 9 make sure before lovers your are “best buddies” with each other. This is one of the best way to connect with your sweetheart. When in love you tend to be jealous and possessive which are the key factors to ruin any kind of relationship. Being friends you would understand your partner and it would help you shed all your inhibitions and pre-conceived notions. Being friends your demands are less and reasonable and won’t be senseless like just in love.
Secondly it seems funny to speak this but “FLIRT” with your partner. Believe me he would love it. Flirting is loads of fun. The more frank and open you are the stronger would be the bond of your relation. Add a dash of surprise and fun by being flirty with your love.
Love is blessed and as pure as the rain from heaven. I am writing this because I have experienced this feeling.

Trusting my heart is one of my most precious gifts. I feel and I do. It has bought me to amazing experiences, and also bought me much criticism. Circumstances don’t always make sense, even if you follow your logical mind and think things through, there’s always an element of trust needed. “Trust your heart.”


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