Make it …. Dont break it!!!!

“Long Distance Relationships” are like a talk of the town. Love marriages are the most common thing these days. Gone are the days where parents used to search a bride or a groom for their son or daughter but these days boys and gals across the world prefer to find a partner for themselves on their own. There are types of relationships that exist and a “Long Distance relationship” is the most difficult type. A long distance relationship means the partners are staying far from each other and they won’t be able to meet each other like any other normal couples but still they manage to love each other and continue their relationships. “Trust “is the base of such relations and it has been observed that lack of trust spoils most of these relationships.

I understand that it is not an easy task to trust each other but it is possible. All you need as a base of your relation is “Respect”. Both of you should respect each other. You would always be curious regarding what your long distance love is up to but when you start respecting each other trust would follow. You would definitely believe whatever your partner says.

Many a times it has been observed that when a long distance love hangs up the phone due to some reason or is not able to give you time due to that particular reason , the opposite person tends to get angry and more curious to know the reason. Also when your love informs regarding the reason, the other one is not ready to believe its honesty. Such problem seems small but takes a bigger shape in longer run.
This is just a simple example but you need to sit down and actually give it a thought especially if you are in to a long distance relationship. When you love the person so much you need trust him/her. Lack of trust can let a third person invade in to your happy relationship and spoil everything. Now its up to you to decide whether you want to MAKE IT OR BREAK IT?


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